The animals below are from the Humane Society for Animals located in Rogers Arkansas.

Humane Society for Animals-
407 East Nursery Road
Rogers, AR 72758


 . Flora  5379 .
 . Flora  5379 .  . Flora  5379 .  . Flora  5379 .
  • Shar Pei, Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler
6 month-old Flora is one very unique canine. Her Shar Pei DNA contribution to her genetic makeup is an unusual "Flowered" variety with color and patterns that aren't often seen. As a designer dog creation her coat is referred to as a "Pari Colour" after the British who first developed the Shar Pei breed. Flora thoroughly enjoyed a run through the park dashing with the athletic ability of a Red Healer. Flora is at the top of the Humane Society list of friendly bark park participants having never met a dog she didn't like. Her most enjoyed playmate is currently a Yellow Lab but she a totally non-judgmental canine and delights in the company of all varieties of 4-legged friends.
Young, Female, Medium
 . Ripley  5378 .
 . Ripley  5378 .  . Ripley  5378 .  . Ripley  5378 .
  • German Shepherd Dog
1 1/2 year-old Ripley thoroughly enjoyed her visit to the bark park, especially the stop in the mini-doggie pool where she cooled off on a hot summer day afternoon. Although she has a genetic lineage that extends back several generations into a Czechoslovakian ancestry, she never brags about it and remains amazingly humble. Ripley is a wonderful family pet and is so full of love that she needs to be the only canine sharing your attention and your home.
Young, Female, Large
 . Sweetie  5377 .
 . Sweetie  5377 .  . Sweetie  5377 .  . Sweetie  5377 .
  • Chihuahua
2 year-old Sweetie lives up to her Nom de Plume in every possible description. Her gentle, mellow nature is highlighted by her from-the-heart smile as she shyly peers around the tree and sends her love out into the universe. Above all, Sweetie's purpose on this planet is to be the best lap dog ever seen, sharing comfort, trust and contentment with her best forever friend.
Young, Female, Small
 . Rufus  5376 .
 . Rufus  5376 .  . Rufus  5376 .  . Rufus  5376 .
  • Boxer
1 year-old Rufus is definitely a personality plus canine with an entertainment flair that matches his carefree, lets'-make-it-happen attitude towards life. His performance skills are augmented with a wonderful variety of character traits; happy, friendly, instant sit on command, come running to you when called and a cheerful tail wag that accentuates his inner joy. Rufus also showed his patience by doing a nice down in the Humane Society office while waiting for an opportunity to visit the bark park.
Young, Male, Large
 . Scrappy  5375 .
 . Scrappy  5375 .  . Scrappy  5375 .  . Scrappy  5375 .
  • Wheaten Terrier
6 month-old Scrappy delights in his small Terrier mustache, beard, expressive eyebrows and his just naturally overall good looks. He does a quick sit on request and is very proud of his accomplishment. Scrappy is a great bark park canine who enjoys the company of his 4-legged friends and would make a welcomed addition to a family that already boasts a best forever friend.
Young, Male, Medium
 . Shamrock  5374 .
 . Shamrock  5374 .  . Shamrock  5374 .  . Shamrock  5374 .
  • Shepherd
A very lucky human will shortly be adopting 5 month-old Shamrock and will share in his aura of confidence, peacefulness and gentle connectivity with the human/canine experience. During the photo shoot he came up to the photographer, who was sitting down, taking a break on a hot summer afternoon, and looked up with adoring eyes and laid his head down, lightly touching a welcoming lap and then respectfully reached up and gave a soft, reassuring kiss to the surprised human. Shamrock is a sweet-natured creature who showed a hint of a retriever as he pursued a tennis ball, picking it up and returning it just shy of his bark park playmate.
Baby, Male, Large
 . Rose Bud  5373 .
 . Rose Bud  5373 .  . Rose Bud  5373 .  . Rose Bud  5373 .
  • Beagle, Corgi
Most dogs don't come with a guarantee...until now. Just one gaze into the adoring eyes of Rose Bud and your heart will melt and you will understand the importance of the messages shared by the canines. She has a mellow, take-it-easy persona but can give you the "I'm totally focused on whatever that is moving out there and I am here to let you know" look, posed with one paw up and the other three firmly in touch with the earth. Rose Bud is also just as quiet as a church mouse and is a canine that won't lead you but will gladly follow you on any adventures you design.
Young, Female, Small
 . Zotan  5372 .
 . Zotan  5372 .  . Zotan  5372 .  . Zotan  5372 .
  • Black Labrador Retriever
If your eHarmony search for a companion filled with sugar and spice and everything nice seems out of reach and has not yet materialized, consider checking out the possibilities at the Humane Society in Rogers. There you find Zotan, the pup of your dreams, who is filled with nothing but sweetness and an overwhelming desire to share the adventures of life with you. Happiness is the name of his game and wanting to please is his middle name. Zotan loves going for long, romantic walks and respectfully accepts well-deserved gifts/treats and has been known to give a sensitive kiss in return.
Young, Male, Medium
 . Tipler  5371 .
 . Tipler  5371 .  . Tipler  5371 .  . Tipler  5371 .
  • Golden Retriever, Yellow Labrador Retriever
The dog designers have come up with a large variety of creations but it isn't too often that you meet a Golden Retriever/Yellow lab blend. Tipler is blessed with the best of the two worlds; respectful, proud, quiet, intelligent and friendly, accentuated with an easy-going, let-it-happen personality. Tipler also displayed his love of water by jumping into the doggy pool for a quick cool-down and then dashing around the bark park chasing an imaginary squirrel as he gave his coat a quick air dry.
Adult, Male, Large
 . Sarah  5370 .
 . Sarah  5370 .  . Sarah  5370 .  . Sarah  5370 .
  • Doberman Pinscher
5 month-old Sarah shares her warm smiles and mellow temperament with everyone, humans and canines alike. She is peaceful, quiet, amazingly focused and shows off an anticipatory sit doing her best to please. If dogs were allowed to attend a public school, Sarah would be the perfect role model for polite behavior and respectful demeanor. The photographer was even more impressed when he learned that Sarah had been brought to the HS less than 30 minutes before her photo shoot. Her quick adaptation and acceptance of the dramatic life change was astounding.
Baby, Female, Large
 . Monty  5369 .
 . Monty  5369 .  . Monty  5369 .  . Monty  5369 .
  • Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler, Border Collie
If one were to list just three of the top 10 characteristics of 8 month-old Monty it would be very difficult but......appreciative, really wants to please and at the top of the marque...just wants to be close and love on his human. He also performs an instant sit on request, comes running to you when called, remains totally focused on his companion and likes to look into your eyes for approval as he quietly approaches you and respectfully sits gently on only 5 of your toes. Monty has some tricks up his sleeve and will demonstrate one by independently moving his ears into a totally alert position and then folding alternately one or the other and then doing his best radar improvisation following the motion of a bird, a squirrel or the dance of his human.
Young, Male, Medium
 . Bama  5368 .
 . Bama  5368 .  . Bama  5368 .  . Bama  5368 .
  • Boxer, Terrier
1 year-old Bama is an amazingly friendly, gregarious and personable canine with a non-stop wants-to-please attitude. His love of life is obvious as he fully enjoys every second of his interaction with the world and all of its inhabitants. He spent a Sunday afternoon at a PetCo adoption event and entertained everyone with a happy full-body wiggle and tail wag, always on his best behavior as he gently received treats from adults and kids alike. Bama gets along wonderfully with other canines and will fit perfectly into a home as an additional pack member. Bama does a great sit on request, occasionally dropping into a down, followed by a quick up and then excitedly repeating the ceremony as he shares his carefree, joyful nature with all. He has a contagious smile and elicits the same reaction in the humans who share their time with him.
Young, Male, Medium
 . Neeko  5367 .
 . Neeko  5367 .  . Neeko  5367 .  . Neeko  5367 .
  • German Shepherd Dog
Neeko loves to gaze at you with dark, focused eyes that let you know she is hoping to enjoy some friendly interaction with her human. A family was visiting the Humane Society and on their way back to their car they stopped to say hi to Neeko as she returned from a romp in the bark park. She walked up the mother and her 2 young children, leaned respectfully against moms leg and as the kids gave her touches, Neeko lifted her head and gave everyone a gentle, heart-felt kiss. Neeko really turned it on and showed her best with this family hoping that she could join them in a forever home. This canine has come from a place where there was a lot of love and she is ready and willing to continue that relationship.
Adult, Female, Large
 . Popette   5366 .
 . Popette   5366 .  . Popette   5366 .  . Popette   5366 .
  • Shepherd
10 month-old Popette has received the highest ranked spirited play recognition that the Humane Society has ever given, scoring an amazing 99.8 % on the Play-Ability Funometer. This girl is a non-stop retrieving, chasing, fun-loving, inventive and creatively interactive 4-legged adventure who has never met anyone or anything that isn't looked at with all-out enthusiasm. Popette perceives everything in her world as an object of joy; every ball, leaf, stick and stuffed animal is waiting for her immediate attention. On this particular photo-op summer afternoon the object of her dreams miraculously appeared in front of her... the most unlucky Paddington ever to visit a bark park. Most teddy bears can't fly well, if at all, but this one soared over and over high into the air as Popette launched it with great alacrity. If you have the time, energy and desire for the best in canine entertainment you are a lucky human because Popette is waiting for you to join her in the never-ending celebration of life.
Young, Female, Medium
 . Newt  5365 .
 . Newt  5365 .  . Newt  5365 .  . Newt  5365 .
  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Shepherd
2 year-old Newt has an easy-going, laid-back attitude towards life illuminated with a smile on his face that never disappears. He showed a great amount of patience on his first trip to the bark park, accepting an extensive brushing by a caring volunteer without complaint or disdain. Newt also enjoys the company of other canines and plays conscientiously with all the participants.
Young, Male, Large
 . Huckster  5364 .
 . Huckster  5364 .  . Huckster  5364 .  . Huckster  5364 .
  • Bluetick Coonhound
In his prime, the Huckster most-likely played the role of a flim-flam man to perfection, selling stock in salted goldmines and sweeping unsuspecting females off their feet with just a wag of his tail and a glint in his eye. He may have conned his way into an occasional football game with the Vols, taking advantage of his Blue Tick good looks, his manly swagger and a lack of discerning focus on the part of the Tennessee fans. Huckster really does own a quiet, self-assured confidence balanced nicely with his peaceful nature. He seems to have a deep awareness and a total acceptance of his life experiences re-pleat with only happy memories and contented dreams.
Senior, Male, Large
 . Paisley  5363 .
 . Paisley  5363 .  . Paisley  5363 .  . Paisley  5363 .
  • Plott Hound, Terrier
With her amazingly bright and expressive eyes, 7 month-old Paisley gazes at you with a bewitching mixture of curiosity and amusement. She has a playful, carefree nature, enjoying the freedom of the park but without much bark. Paisley also showed her respect and patience as she waited quietly in the HS office hoping for some well deserved "go for a walkie" time. Paisley has been known to share an occasional thankful kiss with a caring Humane Society volunteer.
Young, Female, Large
 . Olaf   5362 .
 . Olaf   5362 .  . Olaf   5362 .  . Olaf   5362 .
  • German Shepherd Dog
2 year-old Olaf was recently seen enjoying an outing in the bark park letting his happy, easy-going personality shine through. He is a full-bodied, full-sized German who has a flair for show dog posing and a nice confident strut. Olaf walks easily on leash, takes treats semi-respectfully and occasionally gives the illusion of being concerned by the inconvenience of a passing squirrel or a fluttering butterfly which simply provide him with an opportunity to show off his Mr. Manly posturing.
Young, Male, Large
 . Mega-Man  5361 .
 . Mega-Man  5361 .  . Mega-Man  5361 .  . Mega-Man  5361 .
  • Great Dane
It's hard to live up to a name as transformational as Mega-Man but this majestic canine is that and much more. Puns intended. Some dogs have a quality that lets them stand on your toes and lean on you adoringly as they gaze up into your eyes. As the photographer learned, Mega-Man is the one that you can lean on, both physically and metaphorically as well. A pat on his neck will remind you of the solid touch and base drum sound you felt as you patted the neighbors horse after he had accepted and crunched a carrot. Mega-Man also shows his friendly nature as he does a respectful sit and then extends his left-handed paw for a manly shake, instilling a sense of awe (and ow) as his canine hand dwarfs the hand of the human. This is a peaceful, gentle animal that gives you a feeling of confidence and trust that are sometimes hard to find on this planet but are amazingly apparent with this canine.
Young, Male, Large
 . Lazlo  5360 .
 . Lazlo  5360 .  . Lazlo  5360 .  . Lazlo  5360 .
  • Shepherd
Lazlo is blessed with a wonderfully sweet, innocent nature and eyes that are discerning, clear and knowing. it was a hot afternoon during a visit to the bark park and Lazlo took advantage of the mini-pool, pausing politely with the distinctive two paw refresh and cool down pose while looking for positive affirmation. He is a gentle soul and will be a canine best friend with a respectful and generous personality.
Young, Male, Large
 . Lola  5359 .
 . Lola  5359 .  . Lola  5359 .  . Lola  5359 .
  • Doberman Pinscher
Lola is a quiet and respectful 10 month-old canine instilled with joyful, puppy energies and the experience of fun-filled adventures. She is amazingly focused on her human and shares a great desire to please, with acumen much beyond her chronological age. Lola does a very proud, instant sit and will remain posed until requested to move to the next activity. With her intelligence, inner confidence and friendly nature, Lola is already an accomplished dog and holds even greater promise for the future.
Young, Female, Large
 . Bandit  5358 .
 . Bandit  5358 .  . Bandit  5358 .  . Bandit  5358 .
  • Leonberger, Border Collie
7 month-old Bandit was given his appropriate name with great respect, honor and admiration. He was abandoned but managed to find his way to a local supermarket where he waited for the magic glass door to open and then took great advantage of his opportunity for a meal by quietly scurrying in, snagging a willing loaf of bread and then absconding with it quickly back to the relative safety of the parking lot where he had a basic but inexpensive meal. Apparently he was still hungry so he once again repeated the operation with similar success. He eventually arrived at the HS with a full belly and a great sense of pride in his accomplishment. Needless to say he is enterprising, intelligent and has a flair for the unexpected. Bandit also enjoyed hopping into the mini-doggy pool while he planned his next caper, smiling in playful anticipation.
Young, Male, Large
 . Meeka  5357 .
 . Meeka  5357 .  . Meeka  5357 .  . Meeka  5357 .
  • Golden Retriever, Great Pyrenees
9 month-old Meeka is a sweet and gentle canine with a very peaceful nature that you instantly sense upon first meeting. She paused momentarily during a trip to the bark park to investigate a swallow tail butterfly that was also enjoying a visit to the park. Meeka loves to sit softly on your toes and gaze up at you with impish, admiring eyes...which say it all. Meeka will also impress you with a nice sit on request followed by an extension of carefully selected paws reaching up to you and sharing a friendly, ambidextrous hand shake. Her heritage is a unique blend of Pyrenees with a side of English Cream Retriever thrown in for good measure.
Young, Female, Large
 . Mallery  5356 .
 . Mallery  5356 .  . Mallery  5356 .  . Mallery  5356 .
  • Flat-Coated Retriever, Schnauzer
Gentle 1 year-old Mallery gazes at you with soft, mischievous eyes as she shares a friendly, happy tail wag. She is also pretty good at standing motionless in a statuesque pose that lets you know of her retriever heritage. Mallery has been known to come up quietly behind you to give you a respectful nudge when you have been distracted and are not giving her your full attention.
Young, Female, Large
 . Keno  5355 .
 . Keno  5355 .  . Keno  5355 .  . Keno  5355 .
  • Pointer, Black Labrador Retriever
1 year-old Keno posed for his photos as though he was an accomplished canine actor with an advanced degree in the show dog performance arts. This friendly, gentle natured dog demonstrates respect toward his human, blended with a great desire to please. Keno also enjoyed a cooling dip in the diminutive swimming pool suggesting that a trip to the lake would be an enjoyable and entertaining venue for all.
Young, Male, Large
 . Jules  5354 .
 . Jules  5354 .  . Jules  5354 .  . Jules  5354 .
  • Boxer
Jules is a friendly, personable, fun-loving canine who proudly wears his beautifully brindled Boxer coat when he goes out for an enjoyable night on the town, especially to night clubs that feature disco and go-go dancers. He doesn't get out much but he shares his non-stop smiles with everyone meets, walks easily on leash, accepts well-deserved treats gently and does an instant sit on request. Jules keeps his attention nicely on his human and will come running to you when called.
Young, Male, Large
 . Treasure  5353 .
 . Treasure  5353 .  . Treasure  5353 .  . Treasure  5353 .
  • Catahoula Leopard Dog
This smiling, happy canine is a living testament to the resilience, fortitude and loving nature of man's best friend. Treasure was found hungry, thirsty, and deserted by an inhumane human who had thrown him into an industrial trash dumpster. A passerby heard his plaintiff calls and thankfully pulled him out of the would-be tomb and transported him to the Humane Society where he, with the help and loving kindness of HS volunteers, has totally recovered from an almost indescribable ordeal. Treasure enjoys the pets and hugs of his new-found caregivers and responds to them with a joyous tail wag and a hopeful gaze in his eyes. As you can see in the action photo, he shows his carefree form as he revels in the freedom of a romp in the bark park once again knowing a sense of trust in humankind. He is looking for a compassionate, loving family to share their lives together, united as thankful forever friends. One man's trash is another man's Treasure.
Adult, Male, Large
 . Gigi  5349 .
 . Gigi  5349 .  . Gigi  5349 .  . Gigi  5349 .
  • Black Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retrievers are noted for their intelligence, devotion and friendly personalities and Gigi lives up to all these expectations. Throw in non-stop smiles and a great desire to please and the ticket is filled to 110%. Gigi kept her attention focused on the photographer for the entire session and would perform an instant sit on request, posing with alert awareness and respect.
Young, Female, Large
 . GTO  5348 .
 . GTO  5348 .  . GTO  5348 .  . GTO  5348 .
  • Husky, Shepherd
1 year-old GTO matches the Daytonas hit (almost) perfectly...."Little GTO your really lookin fine...This little modified Husky has got plenty of style and really drives em wild....Yeah, Yeah little GTO. This GTO isn't really all that little but he does have plenty of style and loves to get out and strut his stuff. Unlike the throaty roar of the real deal, GTO is actually a quiet canine with a somewhat contemplative expression of self-awareness. Take him out for a test drive at the Humane Society for Animals at the Rogers dealership.
Young, Male, Large
 . Fenway  5345 .
 . Fenway  5345 .  . Fenway  5345 .  . Fenway  5345 .
  • Doberman Pinscher, Chocolate Labrador Retriever
If you have been looking for a best friend playmate who loves to share a light-hearted, all-out fun-filled adventure, 10 month-old Fenway is waiting for you at the Humane Society. The photographer enjoys the together time with every dog he photographs but occasionally there is a canine who makes it so special that you never want it to end. Bring out a toy, any toy, and Fenway will give chase, sometimes leaping into the air in pursuit, always with an intense interest and curiosity. In addition to the joyous play energy, on request, Fenway will slow down and perform an instant sit, showing you her proud nature. She is a friendly, gregarious canine with a lot of love to share.
Young, Female, Large
 . Franco  5344 .
 . Franco  5344 .  . Franco  5344 .  . Franco  5344 .
  • Ibizan Hound, Black Labrador Retriever
As you can see in the photos, 10 month-old Franco is blessed with an exotic handsomeness accentuated with characteristic Ibizan stand-at-attention ears and a white dividing marking on his face that extends down into a fashionable blaze on his chest. Franco is a friendly, quiet canine who keeps his undivided focus nicely on his human.
Young, Male, Large
 . Orange Crush  5342 .
 . Orange Crush  5342 .  . Orange Crush  5342 .  . Orange Crush  5342 .
  • Golden Retriever
9 month-old Orange Crush says is all with her non-stop smiles and picturesque poses. She shares a personality that perfectly matches her beauty step-for-step. Orange Crush has a nice focus on her human and shows a great desire to please. Even if you have never enjoyed a refreshing OC on a hot summer day, you will still appreciate her smoothly effervescent attitude towards life.
Young, Female, Medium
 . Kora  5339 .
 . Kora  5339 .  . Kora  5339 .  . Kora  5339 .
  • Black Labrador Retriever
This 1 year-old shows her love of life and her appreciation of her human friends with a "body" wag that starts at her neck and resonates through her body eventually arriving at the tip of her tail. Kora weighs in at 27 pounds, just the perfect size to enjoy laying her head on your lap or curling up next to you on the couch. She is big enough to go for invigorating walkies and small enough to easily ride shotgun in your car, gazing out of the window on the way to her favorite drive-thru while hoping for a well-deserved treat. Kora is a real lady, sharing heart-felt smiles and a kind, loving nature with all.
Young, Female, Medium
 . Billy Bob  5333 .
 . Billy Bob  5333 .  . Billy Bob  5333 .  . Billy Bob  5333 .
  • Harrier, Redbone Coonhound
Billy Bob is a sweet, gentle natured canine with the stature of a Hound and the personality of a Beagle. Upon first meeting you will instantly sense a feeling of easy-going joviality and a happy connection to the human/canine interaction. Billy Bob wears a non-stop smile accented with deep, soulful eyes.
Young, Male, Large
 . Tessie  5324 .
 . Tessie  5324 .  . Tessie  5324 .  . Tessie  5324 .
  • Boxer, Hound
Friendly and energetic but yet genteel 2 year-old Tessie shares non-stop smiles and endearing poses with everyone she meets. The photographer was impressed with her focus and patience as she cooperated with all of his requests in the chaos of a busy bark park. Tessie has amazingly expressive ears that nicely reflect her inner nature. Tessie also confided that she enjoys taking a ride to Papa John's, hopeful for a slice of her favorite pepperoni pizza.
Young, Female, Medium
 . Ruby  5322 .
 . Ruby  5322 .  . Ruby  5322 .  . Ruby  5322 .
  • Shepherd, Husky
The photographer truly enjoyed the bark park experience with bright eyed and beautiful 4 year-old Ruby. She is a personality plus canine with an eclectic blend of poses and love-of-life adventures. On a warm spring day afternoon Ruby took advantage of the only pool available and cooled off her paws while splashing in the 2 inch deep water. She also found a shady spot under a newly leafed tree to relax and enjoy the touch of the dew covered grass. The hole, which had been previously excavated by another dog, provided a comfortably formed contour to provide stability and the possibility of a cat/dog nap.
Adult, Female, Large
 . Draco  5269 .
 . Draco  5269 .  . Draco  5269 .  . Draco  5269 .
  • Shepherd, Smooth Collie
1 year-old Draco flashes his amazingly bright, brilliant stunningly blue eyes which seem to have a luminosity shining through as though backlit. With his long legs he effortlessly glides with grace and fluidity as he enjoys an afternoon romp in the bark park. Draco also shows off his artistic flair as he performs his best pirouette for his many admirers.
Young, Male, Large
 . Grog  5263 .
 . Grog  5263 .  . Grog  5263 .  . Grog  5263 .
  • Chocolate Labrador Retriever
Grog is everything you could ever want in a Chocolate Lab. He walks easily on leash, takes treats respectfully, really wants to please, does a nice sit on request, is friendly towards everyone, wears a non-stop smile, enjoys hugs and will sometimes give a sweet kiss in return. Grog is a marvelous companion animal and is a ball dog extraordinaire, leaping high into the air in pursuit of an elusive tennis ball.
Adult, Male, Large
 . Cruise  5256 .
 . Cruise  5256 .  . Cruise  5256 .  . Cruise  5256 .
  • Boxer, American Staffordshire Terrier
1 year-old Cruise is a very personalized canine with a well-composed physique on the small side of medium, a stunningly brindled coat with white highlights and a distinctive tail wag that leaves no doubt of the enthusiastic, fun-loving, joyful nature of this man's-best-friend. Cruise has an accompanying smile highlighted with eyes that show respect and thankfulness for his humans' kindness and attention.
Young, Male, Medium
 . Butch  5252 .
 . Butch  5252 .  . Butch  5252 .  . Butch  5252 .
  • Chocolate Labrador Retriever
9 month-old Butch is full of fun-loving, puppy energies and goofy, good-natured smiles. He shares the characteristics that would be fitting of a field trial Champion with overflowing spirit and unencumbered enthusiasm. Butch does a nice sit on request and has a friendly disposition.
Young, Male, Large
 . Jenga  5209 .
 . Jenga  5209 .  . Jenga  5209 .  . Jenga  5209 .
  • American Bulldog, Boxer
Jenga is a happy, friendly canine, sharing non-stop smiles with everyone she meets. She proudly wears her brindled coat as she poses nicely for her photo session. Jenga has a good focus on her human and will do a great sit but only when she really feels like it. Jenga enjoys life to the fullest and teaches us all a heart-felt lesson.
Young, Female, Medium
 . Derrick  5198 .
 . Derrick  5198 .  . Derrick  5198 .  . Derrick  5198 .
  • Yellow Labrador Retriever, Shepherd
1 year-old Derrick is a friendly, happy canine who accepts treats respectfully and walks easily on leash. His golden eyes are always smiling as he shares his quiet persona with everyone he meets. Derrick blends the compatibility of a Lab with the enthusiastic spirit of a Shepherd.
Young, Male, Large
 . Reno  5163 .
 . Reno  5163 .  . Reno  5163 .  . Reno  5163 .
  • Pointer, Dalmatian
10 month-old Reno is one of those canines who are put onto this planet to remind humans that we are here to enjoy the gift of life. Reno shares non-stop smiles with everyone he meets, eliciting the same response in return. He has a happy-go-lucky attitude that matches his not-a-care in this world temperament. Reno does a great sit and will gaze up at you with his bright eyes reflecting his inner happiness. Reno also gets an A++ rating as a bark park extraordinaire. He interacts wonderfully with every dog he meets and reminds you of a child at a long awaited recess joyfully playing with total freedom and whimsical abandon.
Young, Male, Large
 . Mr. Rogers  5066 .
 . Mr. Rogers  5066 .  . Mr. Rogers  5066 .  . Mr. Rogers  5066 .
  • Shepherd, Hound
1 year-old Mr Rogers doesn't seem to know any other facial expression than an all-out smile shared with everyone. In spite of a very hot afternoon, Mr Rogers kept his friendly focus on the photographer for the entire photo shoot. Mr Rogers sports a brightly colored coat with a nice blend of a white background and well-placed orange patterns.
Baby, Male, Large
 . Buster  5038 .
 . Buster  5038 .  . Buster  5038 .  . Buster  5038 .
  • Harrier, Pointer
1 year old Buster is a friendly, personable Harrier/Pointer mix with a carefree, let-it-happen attitude towards life. He is in great shape, an athlete with the long Harrier legs which makes him a perfect companion for walks, bicycling or jogging. Buster also takes treats respectfully and will do a nice sit on request. Buster shares his love of life with an amazing repertoire of smiles which range from coy to come-on to appreciative to ear-to-ear bliss, all displaying the here-and-now focus that canines enjoy.
Young, Male, Large
 . Big Joe  4771 .
 . Big Joe  4771 .  . Big Joe  4771 .  . Big Joe  4771 .
  • Plott Hound
Big Joe loves to share his handsome, contagious smile with everyone he meets. This dog has class and manners and keeps his attention on his human. Big Joe has an easy-going temperament and is fully house trained. His strikingly good looks will turn heads as he proudly walks with you down the street.
Young, Male, Large
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